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Santa Claus most significant character the holidays. All the children are looking forward to the New Year, and in most of the gifts that come from, of course, our protagonist. How many names he would not have Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Papa Noel, Joulupukki essence is the same. It's a fun old guy who brings all the presents under the Christmas tree. In the New Year, we all believe in and make a wish with the hope that in this wonderful night, they still come to pass, and will carry out their own course New Year's miracle for a couple with Santa Claus. And even if his role act, millions of parents for their children throughout the world. Each of us wants to be Santa Claus to let a small group of people of the family. About him shot many movies written a lot of songs, and there are many legends, but still the topic excites minds, as kids and their parents. Around the world, a charitable organization, and services that respond to the letter with the wishes of children, and some living trees sit and listen to Grandpa all the most extraordinary desire children and more. All this is done because we do not believe in miracles. After all the adults from childhood and want to believe in this wonderful tale. Winter. New Year's holidays. What they are associated? Memories of us immersed in the fantastic extravaganza. Beautiful tree shines toys on the street nestled snow. And kids anxiously waiting for Santa Claus. A fabulous Santa Claus and his assistants gnomes, snowmen take letters and ship gifts in his sleigh. How do you want to Santa Claus brought it ordered gift. You have a unique opportunity to fulfill the desires of childhood. Playing Santa Claus this as a gift for the New Year. You are the director and Santa Claus all rolled into one. Playing in the Game Santa Claus, you can select gifts. Make happy children in Japan, Africa, Brazil, and even in places where there was not snow. Game about Santa Claus will help to feel as fabulous magician, good-natured fun and playful, who, along with you and be able to help and will be even a good friend and helper in making wishes come true. Want to explore the world and sensations experienced by the main character, then you've come to the right place. You will discover a variety of tasks that need to be done, all sorts of obstacles that must be overcome. Santa Claus will perform in a variety of roles in his element and beyond its borders, and only you are able to prove to the world that he is capable of anything! Forward in a fairyland of childhood together with the Games Santa Claus.

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