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Shooting Games took its popularity since the nineties, when the first boxes. Then they were particularly graphics or features. It was a straightforward gameplay, with a certain set of weapons and abilities. The right combination of keys made it possible to pass the game. Many players who remember those times, absolutely say that the most popular game of this kind was dissent. Play in counter at the time was available together, which meant a huge plus for her. After all, children were going, and could not play at a time, and in parallel. Covering each other, and helping to pass level after level. And the game itself becomes more interesting when not only the outcome depends on you. Hordes of enemies prevented the main goal in each level. Far more than a boss, and the ultimate goal of the battle against alien invaders. And all this passes or alone, or together with a partner. Naturally, this game is for those times just could not become popular. The game has its drawbacks too, but they disappeared with the advent of computers in daily life. Now the type of shooter games have become very diverse. The abundance of graphics and different possibilities is simply amazing. Well, at the moment the most common game of this type is a counter strike. Network game that conquered the world. On the popularity of the game so much high that it is played all over the world. Conductive world's largest and smaller championships. Professional players have even learned how to make money on this game. In fact nothing in common between that and this contry's nothing there. But the analogy is carried at all times. After playing in counter then and now, it's something. Both games attract crowds of fans and do not let them. With the development of online games, game creators decided to renew old dissent. And now you can play contra online on our website. We have collected all kinds of this game and more. You can play as the original game and its like analog. Some people will want to remember how to play in counter was pleasant in childhood, while others simply decide to try to get acquainted with the legendary game. You have the opportunity to use the full set of weapons, as in the original, run through the levels, select a packet of weapons and replace them and destroy their enemies in droves. The game, which was an era of playful cult-top boxes, and unskillful. Together with our website get access to it free of charge and without registration.

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Contra game to play online

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