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There are games that simply and permanently entered into our memory. Some of them have become popular because of its script, or the novelty of the genre, while others bribed their simplicity and fun. It is about these toys say "Yes this is my favorite childhood game, or I'm in school only in and play." And games can be both computer and phone. We have become accustomed to some phone games have become so well known that they have even started to associate with the individual companies manufacturing phones. Almost every brand has its illustrious a game at some even more. One of these toys is Bounce tales, we can say has become hallmark of the Finnish phone company "Nokia". Indeed, if you remember a time when the phone display is monochrome and had only become colored, this game was absolutely all owners of the brand. Simple and unpretentious, the essence of which is to move the red ball through the maze of corridors and avoiding obstacles, moving from level to level. It is so fascinating that many students were sitting behind her all the changes and lessons. Friends even organized competitions in speed through the levels. Even remember the time when the change of the phone very upset people not finding this fun game on the new device, though it returns the old. I do not think many phone games can boast - that it tried to make a film or TV series even if short. But even here, Bounce tales singled out based on it was made even unpopular animated short of the same name. It is what we have learned the essence of the ball, his enemies, there was even a story line. The company "Nokia" said the popularity of his creation and decided to revive it with a series of new phones. The game changed, it became a color, has a plot, a small amount of dialogue, but that it has not lost its original popularity. Now our world be able to change depending on the tasks, and we saw the main enemy - that way, the villain, is trying to plunge the whole gaming world Bounce tales into darkness. In our time, not necessarily to buy a phone of this brand to enjoy the game, on, our, site presents bounce tales games online. They have a wide variety ranging from classic and ending with different interpretations do not like the original. Bounce tales games online will give you the opportunity to plunge into the world of the first game yet, so enthrall us in school times. You'll also be able to discuss their scores and achievements with friends, as in the old days.

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