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Rain drumming on the roof, saying these words, we draw in your mind strong sharp ding-dong sound, which can only create a musical instrument like a drum. The history of its origin is as old as the world. Some sources claim that the first drum appeared in ancient Egypt and then strongly and boldly went banging around the world. It was used Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, British, French and other nationalities. The drums are big and small, and the range of their use varied if we take a tour of the century, we see the drummer in the field, which is different rhythms reported the start of the battle, inspired fighters in battle, knocked on the drum end of the battle. Can be seen in the twilight language campfire singing shaman spell and knocks them to the beat of the rhythm of the drum. Or an African tribe that noisy fun and irrepressible shake a leg to the sound of the drum. You should not forget the role of the drummer and the military courts, which set a rhythm to the oarsmen. In our time, the drum can be seen not only in the museum, but it has taken its pride of place as well in the wind and symphonic orchestras. And what great collection assembled in the museums of these musical instruments. They represent an entire culture, in which you can see the history of the culture of every nation. The drums are different in shape, size, sound, tone, and each is always a purpose. These characteristics are so good in them, they are different, but always complementary. It is an art of magic wands drumming touches the strings of the human soul. It is difficult to imagine at least one rock band without a drummer, because this man sets nerve throughout the game, skilfully rhythm and beats him to a whole set of drums. He does not even have room for error, it is from his drums to the success of the whole group! And how wonderful drummer! Young nymphs so graceful playing, rhythms on the drum. Many faces, and current still drum. About him lay poems and songs. Well, maybe, and you play the game online on the drum? Who are you? Warrior, recruiting has on the field of battle, or a novice artist, and maybe your online drum game drum becomes not just a musical instrument, as a means of conspiracy and you are on it will publish the secret coded messages to their colleagues. Or, become a healer of souls, making a drum healing sounds and vibrations of the cosmos. Next in line drumming.

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Playing drums to play online

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