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Many games are your way with desktop computers, a smooth transition to mobile phones, tablets, and online games. But the reverse sometimes. They certainly are not frequent but still reverse happens in this industry. Apple company knows probably everything. The legendary company, which is the most expensive in the world and provides a very high quality and interesting products. Fans of the company to easily descend a lot of money that would have novelties manufacturer. Bitten apple has become such a trend that about him, may know and grandparents. But apart from such rozkruchenosti the firm has its own operating system, so that they are distinguished from the others. And this is a small snag, the compatibility between different programs. So for most operatsionnki separately write software, games and everything else. Here are the games and nachinaetsya its aspect. The principle is that game developers understand the popularity of this technology and the company started to create a legend for them. Here and there was our legendary game angry birds. Assess the popularity of the game can be, that it is almost all brands of phones etyo, and more. Its popularity jumped so that soon there were angry birds online and play angry birds for desktop computers. The developers have created a game, have become millionaires, because the game has been paid, but the scrip, which asked for it was inconsequential. The basic rate has been made on the number of players who helped the rich and programmers. Even the creators probably did not expect the popularity of his creation. Judging from the name, the game will tell on m of Angry Birds, not just evil, but a good deal on their enemies Vinay. The background of their enmity shall not tell, the main thing in the game is the process, and it should be easy to play, and not talk about it. So we made angry birds online section on our website. Collected here are different versions of the popular game. Now at your fingertips, this popular game, and it is unnecessary to buy equipment from Apple and pay for the game. You can run different types of birds at the enemy. You will hit new levels, and new species as allies and enemies. If the original game comes not so often, we have made a selection on the website, which will appeal to all fans. And for a long quench their desire to play this popular game. Here's how the game from the phone, turned into a cult, and came to the computer and online games. Now the pace will not stop, because even souvenirs and a variety of other common explanation of the game around the world.

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