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What is Action? Each will have the answer, but certainly, it is all because of the adrenaline and all kinds of its manifestation. Action genre is very popular all over the world in a variety of industries. It is common in games like movies, and in the entertainment industry. It is not without reason, because all people love extreme emotions and feelings. Therefore, we are burning so to see a new movie or look forward to the long-awaited game in the style of Action. Now many companies are purposefully engaged in production of just such games, as their share of the market for such products is simply amazing, the game produced in the millions, and in an instant fly for a couple of weeks. It all started back to the type of NES consoles or Sega, which in the near children we played in the same "Mortal Kombat" learning new techniques and trying to impress his friends skill. Or painfully familiar "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Where we cut down level after level of enemies and reach the difficult bosses. It was fun time, right? And what now? And now the game of choice even more expanded action, we can choose from dozens or hundreds of shooters, platform games, or shooters. Game action from year to year is becoming increasingly fascinating and rich, they have the Bole interesting scenarios improved graphics and physics gameplay. They are increasingly delaying us with you into the game world. It is impossible not to note the positive line action game, because it gives us the opportunity to throw out all the negative energy in the virtual world. We can bomb the building storm of enemies and throw them in crowds from a machine gun, and then sit in the tank and destroy the headquarters of the rebels. It's great that you can do it in the virtual world, and that would be the opposite. Full of tired and worn out working people in the nervous breakdown would imagine from Rimbaud himself, and went on real streets. And so he comes home, sits down at the computer and includes favorite action game. Game action also affects the reaction, coordination and the ability to think. This is a scientific fact proven by scientists who tested the long development of the youth under the influence of game action, and without it. And it's true, why stand in place and train, the old canons? If we can learn playfully. Game action we are the most diverse range of subjects and opportunities. You sure will choose something to your taste. Some people like to be a special agent on a secret mission, and someone wants to rush into battle with hordes of zombies. And most importantly, these action games do not have to buy, they are always at your fingertips online.

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