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There are a number of cartoons for girls who lured them back to the first series. And they watch with interest the season after season, entering the life of the characters. One Winx Club Winx - Italian animated series. The first series, which was shown in January, 200. Cartoon has become very popular not only in the country but all over the world. By 2007, TV series out of a hundred thirty countries. The leading character of the fairies, who live on top of a normal life and are unaware of their abilities, and that they come from another planet. But then, as always, the fun begins. They one by one to find out who they really are. They begin a magical life in the literal sense of the word. They are trying to figure out who they were before and what they planet, but in parallel time to live, learn, fight villains and start a romantic relationship. Is precisely because of this rich story line and animated series like so many girls around the world. After all, is not just magic and fight with the wicked, and there are beautiful dresses with hairstyles, attitudes, and even just fun. This popularity has forced game developers just go for a huge number of online games featuring popular cartoon Winx wei. Therefore it is not surprising that his fans really want to be together more with fabulous fairies, and not only monitor, but also to participate in exciting adventures, exciting battles Winx. Creators of the game Winx Club Winx gave you a chance. Playing games Winx you from the first minute acquainted with Bloom and her master the forces and capabilities. Her friends work together to create a team Fairies: Stella, close, Layla, Musa, Flora. Winx Club Games Winx in them you have mastered the science of magic, and you will learn the skills to help this skill. Only because of your skill and great desire to win Winx Club Winx triumph over evil witches Starma, Darcy and Icy of Cloud Tower, which they called fairies. Playing games Winx Club Winx, you will be helping her beautiful fairies, learn with them love, kindness and skill of magic. Finally you will be able to live a life with your favorites of the fairies and find them more. We picked up a lot of subjects and genres of games for Winx, which are divided into sections and you can easily choose your genre today and immerse yourself in a world of magic and fairies. Win you battles in the game Winx. This page has absorbed the essence of a Winx and their basis.

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