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Simulating the real world in the games very interesting and entertaining business. All this occurred because people wish to try themselves in the virtual world in the industries in which the life they would not dare to try. This is how the game simulators. A variety of genres in this environment only fueled the public interest. You can in an instant become a fighter pilot or the captain of a huge warship. As well known full simulation of life-type game "The Sims." Most of these games quickly become bored and not interesting. Therefore there were so called, complete simulations of events. For example, the famous game by type of school, or lessons in classrooms that did various tasks, and you can either execute them. Or could just go their own way, from what game development changed. That is not the linearity of this genre so interesting players. Simulations of school life are in great demand, because they played like schoolboys out there who could do anything, what their school would not dare because of various reasons. And even the adults tried to restore their school life and go back to those carefree years. Over time, increased the ranks of other types of schools. Interesting and fun game genre is now considered a culinary school. Because on TV is a lot of cooking shows, ranging from those where they cook the stars or professionals of the case, and to entire culinary battles in an "Hell's Kitchen." This TV show love thousands of spectators in the country. Many chefs want to be like the main jury, and some just want to learn to cook as well as them. Popularity chefs began to grow with each passing day, it is now quite popular in the specialty schools. No less a great success and enjoyed playing school cooks. For some, this is a push in life cooking for others just fun and test yourself as a chef. Vosnovnom course school games for girls, but for some male chefs they will also be interesting. The gameplay is designed in such a way as to bring the rules of the game to the real kitchen. It will not all come out very easily, and you have to work hard and fairly try to cater to visitors of the restaurant. Games for girls Cooking School, will give you the basic concepts in cooking and recipes. You will understand that for what it is and how to build the right approach to the kitchen. This is pretty interesting genre of games is not like the others, and even if you are not a fan of cooking you should at least once try myself in this role.

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