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Office games are gaining popularity day by day. The number of office workers is growing every day, and we need to consider all theirs variety of flavors. Now almost all the employees who work at computers, play games in the office or sit in social networks. It has become a rule for them. Can not provide at least one office where this is not happening. Sometimes, even, start the whole event on a specific game inside the office. This phenomenon has become so popular that many bosses and business owners, think, how to deal with it. And if access to social networks, you can close and give them a channel only for lunch, then the online games are much more complex. Some system administrators monitor the network and look, what do the staff, and then the report gets to the director, while others cover their colleagues and themselves too addicted to online games. In fact, this activity has come out of the nineties, when the first jobs and work at the computer. Then, in order to relieve the brain and the rest of the work of programmers have come up with an unusual number of unpretentious toys. Computer at the time and was not allowed to come up with something more sophisticated, and began to appear on the game type Lines. It was an unpretentious and fun toy, invented by Russian programmers in 1992, and has gained immense popularity across the globe. The essence of the game was in a field lined squares and randomly placed on it the balls of different colors. The player's task is to step by step to move the ball and build them into a series. When five balls of the same color in a row fall. It would seem fairly simple and simple task, it is a simple design. A sort of game ephemera, as they are called now. But it was not there, it is this simplicity and drew a large number of fans. Thus began appearing lines 98 to play online and other varieties of this game online. Now the Internet allows you to take, lines to play in any location where there is Internet access. Many people call this game simply lines no matter how you call it, on our website you can play online or find a line game balls line. Searches for this game different diversity in the names. Now we all have a great opportunity to play in the line of ball games. Whether you're in the office or at home playing online line balls are waiting for you on our site at all times. All the games are absolutely free and available to all. Play ball line online has become much easier, we are glad to see you at our site.

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