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Emo culture broke very quickly in our country and around the world. She came from a musical direction called emo-core. In fact the very musical direction like emo-core of punk rock, but the proximity of these musical genres still distinguishes them are the fans. Type of culture is very different from the emo subculture such as punks. In all emo emphasis on sharing emotions, their manifestations throughout the world. These people are hurting see everything that is happening around them. Emotions that start with a sincere and bright laughter and end suffering and bitter tears. It would seem that such closeness between musical cultures and what a difference in the character and worldview. Brutal and aggressive hardcore fans, or sad and scary Goths, or is it a very emotional and vulnerable emo. Thus, this subculture has received a surge in popularity around the world, with a variety of feelings in teenagers was so scattered that sometimes it is not clear what they want. Emo was hanged on suitsidnikov label, which is partly justified in some cases, but more than a passing fad. Part of the culture is self-hatred, and as such suffering from unrequited love and inseparable. Internet is filled with lots of pictures with the guys and girls, dressed in black and pink colors, with big bangs and smeared mascara under her eyes. Sometimes comes to the absurd and incomprehensible to you boy or girl. But because the culture is quite popular and she now has in its ranks a number of fans, the creators of the game just could not pass it as such. And there were games for girls emo. Naturally, the main fans of this kind would be girls who do not cease fanatet of emo, imitating them in everything from behavior and ending with hairstyles and clothing. In games for girls emo presents a number of opportunities to put their wishes into the virtual world. You can dress up your character to any taste, change his makeup and hairstyles. Hair color. Clothing and jewelry this is not a problem for games for girls emo. Aspect of the game is made for the sake of style and clothing, on which so much pay attention to emo. If you look at the culture itself in the life of a rock obtained in the same was the transition from the real metal for which music played a major role to emo which essentially went into hiding in the style, clothing and imitation culture. Almost all the games for girls emo is in structure and dress naryazhalki characters, they have to love the fans, or just girls who decided to test himself in the role.

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Game emo teen

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