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Akinator is an unusual word, many have not even heard of it. And those who have heard certainly never forget. After all, those who have tried to play akinator will not forget the first surprise of the game. Interpretations of the game was a great set, but the whole point of the changes is the original target. At the beginning, we welcomed some intelligence, in most cases, this gin which, as it is capable of anything. But there are other interpretations, and then we have come popular stars of show business. This addictive game with surprising force. At first, this character named "Akinator" telling us that we can make a famous person, and he guesses it asks us only 10 or 20 questions, depending on the game. Unheard-of insolence, many people think so or not it possible that I will not believe until you check it out. It was a challenge at the beginning of the game played a cruel joke with all the players, we do not believe that such a thing is possible. And start playing, what a surprise after the first answer comes to us. As he did so directly to the point. I ought to try it again, now think of that be more difficult. And so try the attempt Akinator easily guesses our characters, leveling up questions. Sometimes he gives the answer in a couple of questions. Over time, we understand. This unexpected turn of events does not give much rest, and a struggle begins between Akinatorom and man. In reality, the game is done, so that almost any guess the hidden character. Its structure is built, so it has a huge database of characters and their characteristics, and a set of clarifying questions. Each response to the clarification question game discards unsuitable characters and this happens as there will be one character. Although there are times when a player does manage to find characters that are unknown Akinatoru. But even here the developers have come up with a cunning trick, in the end game players are prompted to enter the name of the character and it will fill up the knowledge base. Thus, the game itself as it improves, and its knowledge is developing. The game still quite new, it created 2 programmer in 2007, and in 2008 it gained world popularity. Now the game was translated into many languages, and it has its fans. This popularity led to akinator play that can be online. Akinator can play as one, and the whole family, at a time inventing characters. A smart genie will guess them. That's like playing the seemingly impossible things makes a huge popularity and fame. Try playing akinator on our website online, and you can feel the charm of the game. And for those who have never played the game, we insist that playing akinator this is a game that you lacked.

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Akinator game to play online

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